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AREVA Projects UK works with some of the nuclear industry’s most complex and challenging nuclear projects; combining extensive industry experience with the technical expertise of its multi-disciplined teams of consultants and engineers. Offering a full spectrum of services to the highest standards of safety and regulatory satisfaction, AREVA Projects UK supports work at every stage of the nuclear lifecycle; from new construction, through to continued operations and final decommissioning.

Our Radiation Shielding & Dose team has over 45 man years’ radiation shielding experience and have performed shielding and dose uptake assessments for a wide range of clients including those from within the nuclear medicine sector.  We have the latest industry standard codes including MCNP, Attila and SCALE, and are trained and experienced in the use of the accelerator-specific FLUKA code.

*AREVA Projects UK is the operational name of AREVA Risk Management Consulting Limited

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