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Britplas has an established reputation as an innovator, inventor and manufacturer of high quality, engineered products, including specialist windows, security fencing, curtain walling and door systems. Our product solutions are designed to make buildings and their surroundings, better, safer places with enhanced security.

Whether they’re patients, visitors or members of staff, people in healthcare and mental health environments deserve the very best from their surroundings; and there is little doubt that the promotion of health and recovery can be greatly improved if buildings are designed and built in an enlightened, intelligent manner that puts the needs of the individuals first.

The concept of a building as a place of both practical purpose and positive enrichment lies behind all we do at Britplas and as such we adopt salutogenic principals and produce product solutions that address a building’s sustainability, lifecycle and energy performance, with a real focus for adding value for end users.

Britplas are the leading supplier of architectural systems providing innovative solutions for even the most technically challenging projects as well as standard commercial glazing - whatever your project requires, Britplas are here to help!

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The latest innovation from Britplas is the Rapidvent, a window which allows for natural ventilation with built in safety. The Rapidvent is ideal for use in health and education environments (eg Hostpitals, NHS, Care Homes)and commercial settings.

The design of the Rapidvent is based on Britplas’ world-renowned, award winning Safevent window. As well as allowing for natural ventilation, the Rapidvent restricts the ability to pass anything in or out of the window and keeps insects at bay.

Not only is fresh air conducive to comfort for a building’s occupants, but by providing natural ventilation the need for mechanical plant for ventilation and cooling for the entire design is omitted, bringing significant environmental and cost savings.

The clever design of the Rapidvent is based around a sliding window system which comprises a double-fronted outer window and a free-sliding horizontal internal sash. The outer window has one glazed section and one fitted with super-tough stainless steel perforated mesh. When the horizontal sash is open it allows the flow of fresh air, providing both comfort and a stimulating environment for the building’s users. The position of the mesh means nothing can be thrown out, or passed in, plus it keeps unwanted pests out.

Natural ventilation and a constant supply of fresh air in any healthcare setting is essential. With this in mind, Britplas have developed their latest innovative product - the `Rapidvent’.

The Rapidvent window system enables new and existing buildings to lower their energy consumption, bringing significant environmental and cost savings, by opting for mixed-mode ventilation. Utilising the robust stainless steel mesh allows for night purging, ensuring peace-of-mind that a building’s security is not compromised. The electric window option can be tied into the Building Management System (BMS).

Easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free, the Rapidvent is available in any colour in either Aluminium or uPVC.

Britplas’ Rapidvent windows allow for natural ventilation and offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Rapidvent windows achieve fresh air supplies of at least 5L/S/ per person, whilst keeping CO2 levels at approximately 500ppm, well below the required average of 1500ppm. In addition, Rapidvent windows remove the need for large carbon footprint air-conditioning, fans or stacks, minimising environmental impact and contributing towards building sustainability.

Rapidvent windows are low-cost, highly efficient and sustainable, Green Guide A-rated and conform to BREEAM building best practice criteria.

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