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Cistermiser Limited and its sister Company, Keraflo Limited, are looking forward to exhibiting at the Healthcare Estates Conference in Manchester.

Both companies work in the water management sector and are known for innovation, quality and excellent British engineering.  Our products are used in commercial and residential markets.

Our World is Water!

CISTERMISER is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of washroom water management controls.  We have an extensive range of washroom products that have been created to provide water and utility savings.  These products offer excellent solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector washroom environments especially where security, hygiene and cost reductions are desired.  Recent R&D developments have led to the launch of a new innovative product which gives greater information and support to maintenance of water system hygiene in facilities, particularly healthcare.

Cistermiser is launching a revolutionary water temperature monitoring platform.  Our new product was initially designed to be a cost effective aid for monitoring and avoiding temperatures in a water system that encourages legionella growth in hospitals and other healthcare sites but its technology is applicable to other facilities such as: hotels, universities, public sector etc.  If you are concerned with water management and environmental hygiene you will want to know more about this product!

We develop, design and produce a wide range of products that are water efficient, easy to install, hygienic and reliable.  They are used to control all the water outlets in commercial washrooms.  Several of our brands are widely used in domestic applications.

Reduce Water Wastage and Costs

WASHROOM CONTROL – Our product Sensazone controls lights, fans and water with just one system.

INFRARED TAPS – Improve hygiene and reduce water consumption with our range of hands-free taps.  Our stylish design incorporates infrared control; reducing water and energy usage and increasing hygiene through its automatic no-touch operation.

URINAL FLUSHING – Reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

Consider using our Hydraulic Valve (now in its 40th year) which is an automatic urinal flush control valve.  Its patented mechanise prevents water waste and enables hygiene flush option for period of non-use.  ‘Fit and Forget’ quality and reliability.

Our Infrared Urinal Flush Control (IRC) valve automatically manages the supply of water to a urinal cistern.  Its PIR sensor detects movement, activates a solenoid valve to allow water into the urinal cistern when needed.

The Direct Flush infrared sensor controlled urinal valve automatically flushes the individual urinal after use, ensuring the highest level of hygiene from the minimum volume of water.

WC FLUSHING – No-touch sensor-activated flush technology is the foundation of our Easyflush and Easyflush Direct toilet products.  They use a traditional cistern plus direct-flushing system for busy washrooms that require immediate reflush.

KERAFLO manufacturers products designed to be used within a cold-water management system in buildings.  Our products include top-quality delayed action float valves and our brand Tanktronic™ electronic management system that monitors water levels and temperatures.  Our Keraflo products are very popular with many well-known tank manufacturers.

MECHANICAL VALVES -  our iconic ‘key-shaped’ Aylesbury range of delayed action water float valves are synonymous with float valve excellence.  Our valves are used in many commercial and industrial units through the UK and around the world.  You can find our valves used in the House of Commons, Canary Wharf, O2, Harrods and Bristol Royal Infirmary BRI.

Our Aylesbury portfolio of valves have been designed to meet a variety of water tank installations.  Our ‘key shaped’ float valves can be accurately set in a number of positions which leads to reduction of noise, avoidance of dribble and full flow until the selected closed level is reached.

Our ‘K’ float valve is available in stainless steel - perfect for use in demanding environments such as desalination plants and in sea water.

The ‘KAX’ float valve has extended drops and very suitable for raised valve chambers.

Our ‘KB’ float valve is very versatile and suitable for installation either directly into a tank or a raised valve chamber where air gaps are required.  Changes in water levels and differentials can be made quickly without tools with the KB valve, so it is very useful where water demand changes due to seasonal factors or building occupancy.  This valve reduces the risks associated with excess water being stored too long.

If you have a pumped system then we recommend using our ‘KP’ valve which offers fully variable delayed action opening and closing water level settings.

TANKTRONIC ELECTRONIC TANK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  is the modern solution to monitoring and controlling cold water storage tanks.  It monitors water levels and temperature, controls tank filling and is compatible with building management systems.  Our system incorporates input and output device connectivity, has a quick start feature with a very intuitive interface and supports single and multiple tanks.  It also has features that include alarms, fail-safe and holiday schedule functionality, delayed action (in conjunction with our valves), allows users to set each tank to specific operating settings to follow-up to 10x schedules. In short, this system allows estate management and facility managers to manage a more cost effective, efficient and hygienic water system.

We are happy to demonstrate and discuss any of Cistermiser and Keraflo product ranges.

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We will be running a competition on our stand and welcome conference visitors to enter!

New Product Available

Cistermiser is proud to showcase our new water temperature monitoring platform that will help estate management and facility managers to comply with HSG274 and the need to maintain records. Enabling cost effective real-time data capture and alerts through Temperature Monitoring Units placed at sentinel points. The units can be fixed in position or moved to provide temperature comparisons which enable identification of “dead legs”, as part of the Risk Assessment.

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