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Disinfection Systems from Lutz-Jesco:

New for 2017

Easyzon D, a truly innovative approach to the generation of chlorine dioxide onsite from hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite, under vacuum and in a totally safe manner when compared to traditional pumped systems.

Minichlorgen, onsite generation of a 0.6% strength sodium hypochlorite solution from the electrolysis of a saturated brine solution for water chlorination and ideal for hydrotherapy pools.

Lutz-Jesco has been involved in the development, production, worldwide installation and service of chemical dosing pumps, disinfection systems and associated control equipment for over 60 years in in a diverse range of industries that include drinking water disinfection, legionella control within commercial buildings, swimming pool water treatment and general chemical dosing for the process industries.

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Easyzon D, safe generation of chlorine dioxide

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