Richard Mazuch

Director of Design Research and Innovation, IBI Group


Richard is an Architect and Senior Director of Design Research
and Innovation for the IBI Group. He has worked on numerous
national and international healthcare projects. He has actively
worked with the Design Council, Government Treasury Task Force,
Department of Health, NHS, NPSA, BCSE, Kings Fund and Princes’
Foundation as a member of Expert Working Groups, or individually
as a consultant, advisor and/or author in developing new design
guideline documents in healthcare. He is founder and champion
of THiNK. In the last 15 years he has extensively and
enthusiastically researched and developed unique design tools
such as Design Heals, Sense Sensitive Design, Design Prescription,
Emotional Mapping, Educational Tool Kits and Sensory Plans
enabling designers to deliver optimal healing, learning and working
environments underpinned by Evidence Based Research .
Richard has worked with universities and academics on award
winning research projects and as a lecturer and external examiner.
He has also collaborated with manufacturers in developing new
products, colour ways and product ranges. In Richard’s
endeavours to find design solutions he has also developed
products such as the Bed Pod, hPod, Hotwall, CoolTidy, CloakTidy
and a range of light fittings.


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