2023 Call for Presentations

Submit your proposal to speak at Healthcare Estates

Health & Social Care Planning – How can the estates and facilities profession effectively support & influence the delivery of the Integrated Health & Social Care System’s future strategic planning requirements?

Governance, Assurance & Compliance of the Healthcare Estates & Infrastructure – How can we ensure healthcare estate services and critical functions relating to patient safety are compliant and appropriately managed to meet the increased governance in national policy and legislative requirements of governing bodies such as HES & CQC?

Implementing Digital Technology & Innovation into the Healthcare Estate – What are the key issues impacting the EFM profession in adopting and implementing digital technologies in both the existing estate and the healthcare-built environment of the future?

Medical Engineering & Healthcare Engineering – What are the technical, specialist and scientific challenges that need to be addressed to ensure future healthcare engineering and medical engineering services are designed differently, particularly in the areas of ventilation, water safety, infection control and infrastructure resilience?

Operational Delivery of the Healthcare Estate – How can the estates and facilities profession continue to deliver high-quality healthcare services and functions to patients as they face increased & conflicting challenges of capability, capacity and efficiency particularly around workforce and the net zero carbon agendas?

Deadline for submissions: Monday 6 February 2023

The Call for Presentations is open to all individuals and companies wishing to be considered for a Speaker spot at the 2023 conference. Please use the Form below to submit your presentation proposal.

Guidance on submitting your presentation proposal Submit a summary (300-words max.) containing the main points of your proposed presentation. Key learning points from the presentation are also a requirement for the presentation submission.

Presentations will be selected by the IHEEM Conference Committee on the basis of quality, originality, and relevance to the conference themes. Marketing-derived presentations, or those seeking to advertise particular products or services, will be rejected.

There is no cost for submitting a presentation, nor is there a cost for presenting if the presentation is chosen for the conference. There is no limit on the number of submissions permitted from an individual or a company.

Presentations should be submitted in the name and with the contact details of the person that will be delivering the presentation. Speakers in the main Healthcare Estates conference are entitled to a free 2-day conference pass.

Please note:

  • Where a presentation involves a case study or work done with a Hospital or Healthcare provider, the presentation proposal must come from them, rather than the contractor, architect or consultant, with the hospital or healthcare provider being the primary speaker in the presentation.
  • All submissions and presentations must be in English.
  • All presentations should be submitted in the name of the person that is intending to present them at Healthcare Estates.
  • More than one presentation proposal may be submitted by any company or individual as separate applications