Apprentice of the Year

Tony Reed – NHS Estates

I believe I should be considered for this award on the electrical side of estates as there have not been any awards given for the electrical department. I am a Mature Apprentice that did not do too well in school and i have had a bit of a up and down life in the years since I had left school. I even ended up homeless at one point when Covid 19 took place as my family were petrified that they would catch covid with me working at the hospital.

However the NHS put me into a hotel and paid for my accommodation and food until I was able to secure my feet in the ground. My Estates department have gave me my life line and gave me this opportunity in my life to progress and continue to do this. Therefore, I would like to give something back to my department and be nominated to advertise the NHS are great and a great and a excellent place to work with so much support. Thank you

Harvey Smith – Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

I believe that I should win the apprentice of the year due to my progress as an apprentice engineer. in my short time as an apprentice I have used my skills from past experiences to further my learning in the workplace, but, I have not became complacent with my knowledge and I always thrive to learn more about the in’s and out’s of any given job. I am always fascinated to learn about the new projects I take on and I am only just beginning my depth into Mechanical Engineering, especially in a healthcare environment. also, I truly believe the serious environment inside the hospital has encouraged me to do better to aid my colleagues and allow them to get jobs done faster and efficiently with my help.

Although my knowledge is somewhat limited due to my time in the role, there is only room for improvement and learning looking conclude my nomination should win for one simple reason, I am always looking forward to get into work and try my best to not only learn, but to succeed in my career.

Jonathan Day – DSSR Consulting Engineers

As one of the most respected Building Service consultants in the UK, with offices in Glasgow, Harrogate and Manchester and more than 75 years, DSSR has been involved in a very diverse range of projects. Operating throughout the UK, the organisation has experienced teams of engineers and designers for different specialties, but especially Healthcare where we have an exceptional track record in supporting the design and development of schemes.

Jonathan, based in our Harrogate Healthcare team, is gaining a strong knowledge base and understanding of both the electrical and mechanical aspects of building services. He supports his colleagues in the development of designs for a variety of complex healthcare schemes. These include the £35m Acute Receiving Centre at Salford Royal, Manchester. This 6-storey extension to the existing hospital provides major trauma and high acuity surgical facilities in a modern and innovative building.

Jonathan’s key contribution was calculating and designing the electrical infrastructure within 3D modelling software – encompassing MRI, CT Scanners and Operating Theatres. Displaying his attention to detail and with his ‘can-do’ attitude he continually demonstrated a knowledge of the industry beyond his years. To increase his knowledge base Jonathan requested to be involved with other specialist designers within the scheme leading to him liaising with the team on the implementation of the Heli-pad; he then produced lighting calculations for these specialist external areas Jonathan is an ambassador for our apprenticeship scheme.

He spends time mentoring our latest apprentice, helping with questions and queries they have on their own apprenticeship journey. Jonathan leads by example, never shying away from the tough challenges, contributing to a number of high-profile schemes. Within the £6m project at King George Hospital, London, Jonathan was faced with the technically demanding design and spatial planning for the provision of a new 12 bed Intensive Critical Care Unit.

Jonathan undertook complex site surveys, showing creativity to problem solving, producing fully detailed project layouts with the calculation and design for the lighting and distribution provisions for the Intensive Care Bays, Procedure and Isolation Rooms. Jonathan has helped establish a renewed and reinvigorated spirit of cooperation and collaboration within the DSSR team. Our Manging Director Tony De Caux notes that Jonathan, ‘quickly became an integral part of the office’ describing him as ‘a well-rounded and mature young man’, ‘proven to be a great asset to DSSR.’

Jonathan consistently receives great feedback from all who work with him and is renowned for the balance he achieves between his hard-working and easy-going attitude. Quickly becoming a favourite with clients, many have noted his achievements within their tight scheme deadlines and his personal progression. ‘Jonathan typifies what apprenticeships can bring to the industry – high calibre, efficient, and keen to develop’ – Daniel Thomas. Director Northmores Project Management Consultants Outside of his role at DSSR Jonathan throws himself into social activities, notably leading the worship at Nidderdale Community Church in Darley where he regularly attends. He is committed to organising and leading the children’s and youth work within the church community.

Christopher Barnett

Over the past 12 months, I have contributed to improving my hospitals infrastructure, crucial services & the care and experience to patients around the hospital site. As well as my work onsite, I have also been successful on many external City & Guilds accredited training courses and received commendations from colleagues, supervisors, managers and directors within my department. I have also recently completed my HNC in Mechanical Engineering with a Distinction grade and the SIAS End Point Assessment for my apprenticeship with a Pass/Distinction grade.

My greatest achievement over the past year was being awarded the Regional Apprentice of the Year award from The Northern Yorkshire NHS Assessment Centre which I received with great pride and I have worked hard this year to hopefully gain the same recognition. Throughout this year, my contribution to patient care has been orchestrated through the maintenance and continuous improvements to the patient services to make their time at my hospital as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

I have contributed in jobs such as altering water distribution systems so that not only is it more cost effective for my hospital but the water service supplied to patients is also more reliable. I have also been involved in steam shut downs to improve the steam system around my hospital and make it safer for staff to work on the system by installing more isolation valves. My work in the Estates Department has also contributed to patient care through ward refurbishments which meant fitting new radiators and altering pipework to the radiators.

Over the past year I have been involved with three ward refurbishments which have all been successful in modernising and improving the hospital’s services to patients as well as making it a more pleasant work environment for staff. Through my work, I feel that apprentices contribute to a changing workforce in the hospital by gaining knowledge from experienced colleagues and applying this to all applications of our work. Apprentices are important in the future of the Estates Department as we represent a new and developing generation that are keen to learn new skills and bring a new outlook on how to improve working operations and patent care in the hospital.

Our positive contribution to the future workforce is shown through personal successes, training courses and grades achieved at college -where there is a clear progression in knowledge and experience gained. I feel that apprentices like myself are important as many hospitals have an aging workforce and experienced craftsmen teaching apprentices allows for their knowledge and skills to be passed on.

Now that I have finished my apprenticeship and I am becoming a Mechanical Craftsperson at my hospital, I feel confident that the knowledge I have gained over the past year and throughout my apprenticeship will help me to progress and contribute to my hospital providing an exceptional service to patients.