Consultancy of the Year


Community Ventures (CV) is a small consultancy practice specialising in, amongst other services, NHS health estate strategic planning and development. Over half CV’s executive team have senior level NHS experience which means that we are well placed to understand the needs of our clients and the pressures they face. Below are just two examples of commissions undertaken between May 2021 and May 2022.

Primary Care Network Estate Strategies

Working with the NHS primary care sector, CV delivered 60 PCN Estates Strategies, covering over 370 GP premises. The commission required extensive engagement with the primary care community at a time when the primary care sector was under significant pressure.

Graeme Earl (Estates Lead, Tees Valley CCG) said: “Working with CV has both provided us with strategic estates expertise and additional capacity whenever required. The close partnership between both parties has allowed us to provide GP practices with critical estate support. CV has always understood patient care needs to be at the forefront of the development of primary care estate, and their knowledge and expertise have not only proved invaluable, but it has also frequently been offered without expectation of commercial gain. This has provided us with the reassurance that the advice we received was impartial and intended to achieve the best possible outcomes.”

This work will provide the CCG with the evidence it requires to make a coherent and compelling case for funding when the ICS develops its capital plan.

Furthermore, having been held up as an exemplar, this commission has led to further commissions in both Yorkshire and the East Midlands.

Burmantofts Strategic Outline Case

CV has also managed the delivery of a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for a project involving health, local authority, and third sector organisations in one of the most deprived areas of Leeds. The CV team spent considerable time with the various users to ensure each felt an integral and intimate element of the project, leading to far higher levels of engagement than had been previously experienced in similar projects.

Thanks to the strength of the SOC, the project has been awarded £242,000 of Government funding to deliver the next stage of the project.

Dayle Lynch (Programme Manager, Leeds Health Partnerships Team) said: “Working with CV always comes with a little added extra – a personal touch, an ‘over and above’. The ability to establish a close working relationship on each project is absolutely essential in developing the trust and level of openness which brings the best out of both the people and each project. It is also highly reassuring to see the commitment CV has to Leeds as a city, and its ambition to address health the inequalities in our poorest communities; this approach really does make it feel that CV are part of #TeamLeeds, a feeling reinforced by the time invested in getting to understand Leeds and its key drivers…its communities, its estate, its stakeholders, its challenges…”

Currie & Brown UK Ltd

Currie & Brown is a construction consultancy providing cost and project management, building surveying and healthcare advisory services. In the year, we worked on 643 healthcare projects including 6 New Hospital Programme (NHP) projects and University Hospital Monklands, NHS Scotland’s pathfinder. Our healthcare turnover was £9.4m (17% of our UK business).

1.0 Innovation, originality, quality and delivery on projects – The emphasis in our work has been on speed of delivery, responsiveness, delivering clinical and societal benefits and net zero carbon targets for 134 healthcare clients.

1.1 Major redevelopment programmes

1.1.1 Whipps Cross University Hospital (£850m NHP scheme) – May 2021; OBC completed. Also provided PMO, business case and cost management services focusing on clinical and societal benefits. May 2022; commission extended for an integrated care system assurance framework for North East London ensuring system-wide transformation is delivered.

1.1.2 James Paget University Hospital (£1bn+ NHP scheme) – April 2022; SOC completed to a demanding programme, providing project and cost management services. “…[Currie & Brown] quickly became an integral part of our team providing both comprehensive project management services and extensive experience and knowledge of the NHP programme. They worked with commitment, to programme, and were always a trusted and reliable support to the team.” Jim Hackett, Programme Director

1.1.3 Jersey General Hospital (£800m) – September 2021; completed, in under two months, an expert review of the OBC for the States of Jersey Scrutiny Panel. 1.2 Post-pandemic programmes – These schemes required innovative responses to clinical briefing and procurement approaches to achieve demanding timescales.

1.2.1 Kidderminster CDC (£6.6m) – May 2021; funding availability. May 2022; completion. “Currie & Brown was right in the thick of the extremely fast-paced, decision-making process from the offset. Their proactive and extremely knowledgeable approach helped us deliver our ambitions for this very valuable community project.” Matt Lewin, Head of Capital Planning

1.2.2 Hinchingbrooke Elective Care Hub (£15m) – business case produced within two weeks, including stakeholder liaison, benefits quantification and value for money demonstration.

1.3 Net zero carbon expertise

1.3.1 University Hospital Monklands (£650m) – as lead advisors, we have been central to developing a net zero carbon design and meeting embodied and operational carbon targets. This has required an innovative, fully electric design and complex carbon modelling and costing, led by our sustainability team.

1.3.2 Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS – authored a system-level Green Plan working collaboratively with 15 partner organisations.

1.3.3 Community Health Partnerships – developed a Green Plan and net zero carbon strategy for 300+ buildings.

2.0 Innovation through thought leadership

2.1 European Healthcare Design Conference, June 2021: ‘How Digitalisation is Changing the Face of Healthcare’ – presenter

2.2 IHEEM Conference, October 2021

2.2.1 ‘Creating a Fully Connected Hospital’ – panellist on Schneider Electric’s roundtable discussing a ‘digital hospital’

2.2.2 ‘How to Produce an Approvable NHS Business Case in a Dynamic Environment’ – presenter

2.3 Currie & Brown’s Healthy Breakfast CPD webinar 2.3.1 October 2021: ‘Successful NHS Business Cases: Top Tips on Applying the Latest Guidance for Economic and Financial Cases’

2.3.2 May 2022: ‘Social Value Series – Quantifying the Benefits of MMC’


We are a leading consultancy in the healthcare sector with innovative approaches to all types of projects, within the community, acute, mental, and specialist health sectors.

Markets and Clients

We continue to work for over 50 new and existing trusts though the NHS SBS framework, Procure 22, Design for Life 4, Healthcare Facilities for Scotland and HSE in Ireland.

Range of Projects

We continue to be involved in projects ranging from small survey works up to major new builds and site redevelopments, including three Cohort 3 schemes which we and the industry hope will progress later in 2022.

We are pleased to have supported these Trusts in meeting their commitments, in particular with regard to MMC and Net Zero Carbon, despite these projects not progressing due to external funding pressures.

Modern Methods of Construction

We have continued to develop a bespoke MMC Options Appraisal Toolkit which we use collaboratively with our clients and other members of the design team to ensure that all categories of MMC are properly considered and the highest practical Pre-Manufactured Value realised. This will directly contribute to the UK Government achieving the target for “presumption in favour” for offsite manufacture.


  • In 2022 we employed a full time Sustainability Coordinator, which following a selection process involved a change of role for one of our existing engineers. Working together with the rest of the business, Niamh McCloskey is now entirely focussed continuing our commitment to reducing our carbon impact through our design services, and our business operations. Achievements this year that benefit our clients in all sectors, including within healthcare including development of a sustainability library, establishing a v2.0 of our Carbon Calculator toolkit used to measure embodied carbon on all of our projects, and producing a Carbon Database.
  • Collecting and collating data from all of our designs – providing our clients with an element emissions breakdown which are then benchmarked against 2030 SCORS, RIBA and LETI targets.

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC)

In addition to the projects referred to above, this year we are particularly proud of how our approach has mitigated client risk surrounding Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) within their buildings. We recognise that this is a particular challenge for NHS Trust clients, and we have developed a successful approach to identifying risks and developing risk mitigation strategies for our clients on an individual building by building basis.

Thought Leadership

We understand how the boundaries between healthcare, Higher Education, research, and regeneration projects can be blurred. We held a regional Round Table event in Liverpool in Summer 2022 where we discussed the future of this sector and its impact upon regeneration and social value – the event was attended by NHS, Higher Education, Research, and Local Authority clients.


We were delighted to win the Consultancy of the Year Award at IHEEM 2021, and hope that this summary demonstrates that our achievements and workload in the sector have continued in 2022.

Hive Projects

Why wouldn’t we start a Project Management consultancy business during a worldwide pandemic? We are Project Managers, we manage risk every day of the week, surely we had a mitigation plan? We didn’t ! In all honesty could anyone have anticipated the impact Covid-19 would have on our lives? So as Boris announced a national lockdown in Spring 2020 we launched a new company into the world,  Hive Projects!

Our first year in business was a case of make or break.  Starting a construction Project Management company during a global pandemic meant that we had to find new ways of introducing ourselves, look for opportunities and recruit a team.  We had resigned ourselves to the likelihood that the business would just be the 3 founding directors for at least the first year and targeted a turnover of £300k, looking to increase to 500k in year two. Fast forward to January 2022 and we will be approaching our second year in business in April.  Coming out the other side of Covid the business has grown exponentially, we are now a team of 15 soon to be 17 by spring and are forecasting to turnover £1.7m this year.  For a small unknown company we have already started to build a Healthcare specialism presence amongst our big competitors in Manchester such as Mace and Arcadis.  Within our first years we have secured some of the North Wests most prestigious healthcare projects and clients, including Manchester NHS Foundation Trusts redevelopment of the North Manchester Hospital, a £600m scheme, along with projects at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and The Christie.

We also have maintained and are continuously nurturing one of our very first objectives of a 50:50 gender balanced company from top to bottom, which is rare within the construction industry and something we feel passionate about.  Two of the 4 business owners are female and we strive to continue on our journey of gender equality in construction as part of our core values.  Our small team also includes a dedicated Social Values Manager, which for a team this size is unheard of within the Project Management consultancy business.  By having an in house capability, we can embedded Social Values in to everything we do and is something that stands out for our clients against our competitors.

Hive Projects is a growing, dynamic and values-led project, cost and programme management company based in the Northwest, that works across the property, construction and healthcare sectors. We would love to be considered for this award to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication it has taken from our small team to not only rise from the ground during a global pandemic but thrive and be involved in some of the most exciting projects in the area.  It would be great to see a Project Management SME take home the award and help inspire other fledgling SME’s that success can be achieved even when the odds are against you, with a great team all pulling in the right direction.

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals’ Green Plan

Zenergi’s Technical Division, Briar, has been at the forefront of identifying and implementing carbon reduction measures for over 30 years. During that time we have supported Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals (RBH), most recently in the development of the hospitals’ Green Plan.

The NHS accounts for around 4% of the nation’s carbon emissions and therefore recognises its critical role in helping the UK meet its net zero targets. As part of its commitment, the Greener NHS National Programme published its new strategy, ‘Delivering a net zero National Health Service’. Part of that commitment was for all NHS Trusts to develop a Green Plan that outlines its aims, objectives, and delivery plans for carbon reduction.

For the last eight years, one of Briar’s experienced energy engineers has sat within the Trust’s Carbon Management Group, now called the Sustainable Development Management Group (SDMG), providing energy and environmental consultancy and attending quarterly meetings.

The role involves collating and reporting the Clinical Group’s energy and other wider sustainability issues to the Greener NHS National programme, supporting the hospital’s estate team to identify, implement and verify carbon reduction projects, and providing the Environmental Matters section of the Clinical Group’s Annual Report.


The Green Plan was met with great enthusiasm and has Board level approval.

By engaging with Briar, the Trust has demonstrated its focus on environmental sustainability and reducing its carbon emissions, while considering local environmental aspects, including air pollution and social impacts, such as health and wellbeing.

The work we have delivered has supported the Trust in delivering real energy, carbon and cost savings that can be reinvested into patient care.

Additionally, over the 15+ years of working with the Trust we have implemented a number of low-carbon technology projects, including:

  • BMS/VSDs for theatre AHUs fans and other HVAC plant. Briar obtained Salix funding of £47,000. The project has delivered annual emissions savings of circa 240 tCO2e
  • LED lighting upgrades. Briar successfully managed a NHS Energy Efficiency Fund bid for £175k. The project has delivered annual emission savings of 144 tCO2e

In support of its Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) application, we carried out high-level surveys at Harefield Hospital to reduce the site’s CO2 emissions. We have also presented to its Green Group to encourage staff awareness and good energy saving behaviours.


“Briar has supported our hospitals since 2006, assisting with the development of our Green Plan and providing a range of independent technical advice and support, including carbon reporting, grant applications, legislative compliance, and low carbon project design and implementation. Briar has become our trusted partner for the identification of energy and carbon reduction opportunities, and we look forward to working with them throughout our Net Zero journey.” –

Chris Rivers

General Manager Estates, Facilities & Capital Projects

Royal Brompton and Harefield Clinical Group

Turner & Townsend

T&T are working with healthcare clients to build and enhance major hospitals and care facilities to create world-class environments, improving patient outcomes and having a positive impact on the healthcare sector. T&T bring a breadth of expertise and experience, combining global reach with local intelligence, our extensive knowledge enables us to build creative teams and draw on global best practice. Our digital tools and data resources drive evidence-based innovative solutions to deliver excellence. With an unrivalled combination of expert people, data intelligence and operational understanding, we are a trusted advisor to the healthcare sector providing project and cost management, health advisory strategic facilities management, and consultancy on equipment and technology. “T&T have a team of highly dedicated healthcare professionals who have a real passion for delivering outstanding results for the NHS. Turner & Townsend’s ability to achieve great outcomes on a regular basis is their real strength and sets them aside from others.” Peter Harding, former-CEO, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

Integrated COVID Hub, North East

Our team was asked to provide programme, project, and cost management to support the delivery of this ambitious project, that needed to be designed and constructed within 18 weeks to meet the required deadlines. By leading a collaborative process on site with the design team and main contractor we were able to ensure that a robust design was achieved in line with the budget and delivered on time.

“It has been a rare privilege to work within this incredible team to create a world class facility in the north east. Taking a pair of warehouses to a purpose-built laboratory inside of four months is impressive by any measure, but to do so without a single loss of time incident or first aid treatment and despite the immense pressure is truly outstanding.” Andrew Rollo, Senior Project Manager at The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

St. Georges Estates Strategy

The Trust required a comprehensive Estate Strategy to be developed for both their main hospital site, St George’s Hospital, and their wider community portfolio. The final Estate Strategy outlines the drivers for change, alongside supporting continuous improvement in the dayto- day management of their portfolio. It culminates in a 20 year deliver programme to transform the estate across 8 phases. We were able to incorporate emerging themes into the content of the estate strategy, such as:

  • Digitalisation of healthcare and the estate
  • Modern methods of construction and the Intelligent Hospital
  • Sustainability and Carbon Net-Zero
  • The impact of COVID-19 on effective estate management and strategy.

“The T&T team has a vast amount of experience in the development and delivery of hospital infrastructure, including the New Hospital Programme. The team has fantastic leadership that has allowed the SMEs to contribute very effectively to the development of our 20+ year Estate Strategy, providing a blueprint, and long-term vision to transform our estate”

Andrew Asbury, Director of Estates & Facilities, St Georges University Hospitals NHS FT

Consultancy of the Year

With 50,000 staff worldwide, 8,000 of which are based in the UK, WSP is a leading global professional consultancy, delivering advisory, design and delivery spanning the entire project/operational lifecycle. We are the second-largest healthcare property and construction consultancy in the world, providing full UK geographical coverage from our 42 offices.

We advise on:

·         Primary care

·         Community

·         Mental health

·         Acute

·         Tertiary


Healthcare clients include:

·         NHS Trusts

·         PPP investors

·         Private-healthcare providers

·         Contractors

·         Architects


Our objectives between May 2021-2022 included:

Decarbonisation: Recognising that NHS Trusts are mandated to decarbonise their estate, reducing their carbon emissions by 80% by 2032 and achieving net zero by 2040, WSP are committed to supporting Trusts and have been appointed on several decarbonisation schemes, including Kings College, St George’s Hospital and RUH Bath.


Standing out from competitors

Along with our engineering expertise, we provide:

  • 50-strong team of PPP Investment Advisory experts advising on/managing complex issues and providing SPV management
  • Expertise from ex-NHS staff familiar with sector challenges
  • Expertise in developing sustainable, Future Ready solutions
  • Independence – no business interests in health provision/construction/FM delivery
  • Access to a global network of healthcare experts, providing assurance to UK clients delivering innovative schemes
  • Solutions with services across the full lifecycle

Thought leadership:

Decarbonisation webinar: Demystifying the decarbonisation process

WSP recently delivered a decarbonisation webinar, jointly hosted with Capsticks, North Lincolnshire & Goole and Somerset NHS FTs, sharing knowledge, best practice, funding sources and lessons learned from recent experience to support Trusts in understanding how they can implement their own decarbonisation plans. This webinar had 81 NHS Trusts registered to attend.

European Healthcare Design Conference

  • Adrian Regueira-Lopez presented our work on ‘A net-zero strategy for Royal United Hospitals Bath’
  • Our Head of Healthcare, Anisha Mayor chaired a compelling session on digital transformation



·         Leeds Hospitals of the Future (multi-disciplinary appointment)

·         University Hospitals Dorset

·         BRI -Marlborough Hill Development

·         Brighton 3Ts Stage 2 and 3 Amendments

·         Catterick ICC Stage 3

·         Peckwater Health Centre Redevelopment

·         RUH Cancer Centre – Construction

·         Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals – Diagnostic Assessment Centre

Transport Planning

  • Royal Bournemouth Hospital Access Road – University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Hywel Dda Site Selection – Transport Due Diligence

Environmental Consultancy

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Whipps Cross Redevelopment
  • Norwich Diagnostics Centres BREEAM


  • Stoke Mandeville Lifecycle Re-profile
  • QEH Birmingham 2021 Annual Lifecycle Plan Review

Healthcare planning

  • North-East Essex PCN Estate Strategies
  • Strategic Planning Consultancy – East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • Colchester Electives Centre

Continued sector success

  • 498 healthcare projects delivered in the last 3 years, with 60% of appointments repeat custom
  • We serve 55% of NHS Trusts
  • We are engaged on 6 New Hospital Programme projects

“[WSP] are one of the most professional MDT teams I have worked with in my 43 years as an NHS Estates professional. They continue to work with us now as part of the NHS recovery programme, including a number of critical CT scanner installations. Excellent service.”  – Gary Barnett – Deputy Director of Estates & Facilities, Royal Berkshire NHS  Foundation Trust.