Estates & Facilities Champion of Champions

Estates Compliancy Manager Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper started his career at Birmingham City Council and successfully completed a 4-year apprenticeship. He then moves to a local contracting company where he gain additional skills and knowledge in the building construction industry. As he moved on within his personal life, he wanted a more secure position to provide a better future for his family. In the year 2000 he joined The Law Society as a maintenance carpenter for the midland’s properties. From this day Kevin excelled in this position and the facilities management team started using Kevin more and more with the management of their property Portillo. He gains addition qualifications in Auto-cad and H&S along with Electrical and Mechanical skills to boost his knowledge of building services. Unfortunately, in 2010 the law society closed its midlands branch of all freehold properties and move into a fully serviced property in Birmingham City Centre.

Kevin then started up his own construction company and successful managed this until 2014 when he decides to look for a more permanent in-house secure position. In 2014 he joined the University of Birmingham as a maintenance carpenter where again he excelled in this position. The Estates Management team saw his capability and realised that he is a potential Estates Manager for the future. During his time at the University of Birmingham a position came up for a Facilities Manager at their newly constructed University of Birmingham School where they thought that this will be an ideal position for Kevin to move into management due to his skills and knowledge that he had gained and the enthusiasm he shows towards his career.

Kevin took on this role for 4 years and then an opportunity came up at Birmingham Community Health Care as an Estates Officer to manage the building section of the estates team. This was a new position within the Estates department as before this section us to came under the mechanical and electrical managers and couldn’t really provide building knowledge that was required for the team. Kevin took on this role and again excelled by turning this building section into a team that really took pride in their work and became more of an establish team within the estates department. The building trade staff found that they had more support as they now have a manager with a carpentry background. Kevin was in this position for 3 years when another opportunity came up for a Compliancy Manager. With Kevin’s knowledge of building services, he was successful in being appointed into this position.

Since becoming the Estates Compliancy Manager Kevin has overhauled the compliancy by introducing a brand-new compliancy data base capturing every asset that needs to be maintained. He has also introduced a new water management data base which manages all water quality management, PPM’s, and flushing data. Part of Kevin role is to produce a monthly compliancy report to the Estates Steering Group which is chaired by the Chief Operating Officer. These reports highlight to the board how complaint the Estate is by providing them proof that the estate is safe for staff, patients, and visitors to use.

The statutory maintenance compliancy figures are averaging between 95% to 100% which are well above our set targets of 90% giving the Trust reassurance that their estates are safe to use. He even manages to produce 100% flushing in 1 month across the entire estate which has never been achieved before.

Kevin as also streamed line all maintenance contracts within the Estates Team and produced a CIP savings of £50k

Kevin often steps up and provides cover for the Head of Estates in his absence which is a real achievement in his career.

He has introduced new ways of how contractors report the compliancy by allowing them to upload their service report sheets onto the compliancy data base, so this has reduced the amount of paperwork and filing of all service report sheets.

He has also introduced a contractors data base where all contractors and visitors sign in and carry out an onsite induction before entering or working on site. As the Trust is a community based, we have 25+ properties across the Birmingham area where contractors are allowed to sign in by using the app on their mobile phones.

The contractors signing data base also stores all details and qualifications of the company and its employees, so we know that the contractors coming onto our sites are fully qualified as they say there are.

Kevin has also been appointed AP for Water Quality, Medical Gases, Asbestos, and confined spaces. He is a real asset to this trust and supports the younger estates staff by providing mentoring support to them on their career path within the NHS.

Peter Bennett – Estates and Facilities PPE Team

The Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a significant number of changes in the way we operate. One of the most impactful changes was the need for enhanced PPE to be worn by a much larger proportion of staff for longer periods. This included tight-fitting face protectors (FFP3 masks) which require individual fit-testing for each member of staff to ensure a tight seal to provide protection for staff, visitors, and the patients we are caring for.

The pandemic tested the resources of all Trusts and the team capacity to deliver a large mask fit-testing programme just prior to Christmas just did not exist. However, during discussions on how we could deliver the necessary testing, Peter Bennett from the centralised PPE team at Birmingham Community Healthcare FT Estates and Facilities department volunteered to be trained to deliver this essential program alongside his normal duties.

Peter was completely novice to this type of role but really wanted to help during these difficult times and support such an essential program to maintain a safe environment for our patients, staff and visitors. Peter shadowed trained team members and learned the craft of mask fit testing on a variety of FFP3 masks during a period of changing guidelines. In fact, he became so proficient that he delivered the bulk of the program around the busy Christmas period with many staff needing testing to work on Covid positive wards over the holiday period. As a Community Trust we work across approx. 343 locations across the City of Birmingham, to maintain Trust services and provide minimal disruption to patient care, there is a need to test many staff at their place of work and within their shift patterns.

Peter gladly worked with our many divisional teams across the variety of sites to deliver face-fit testing on site and at all hours of the day and night to ensure that all staff could be tested and maintain a safe environment for patient care.

Thanks to Peter’s hard work and commitment we have maintained control of a difficult program during a critical time but, most importantly, ensuring the safety and security of staff, patients and visitors.

Scott Campbell Champions of Champions

He is a fabulous employee, a huge asset to Birmingham Community Health Care is so deserving of this award and recognition.

Job Performance learning and development:

Scott Campbell is a Multi-Skilled Electrical Craftsperson within the Estates and Facilities Team. He is directly responsible for maintaining various items of mechanical and electrical building services plant and equipment. Scott’s knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical Building Services is unparalleled. He seems to be a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to electrical installations, and he loves to share his knowledge with his colleagues. He is also attending a local college to gain qualifications in carpentry and joinery which he is completing this in his own time and expense

Scott joined the Trust 2 years ago as an electrical improver after successfully completing a 4-year apprenticeship at an Electrical Contracting Company. In the past year, we have carried out a succession planning project of the estates team and have recognised that Scott is a potential Estates Officer / Manager who we could grow within our team. The Estates management team approached Scott and asked him if he would like to progress his trade career further within Hospital Estates. He was delighted with our approach, so with the help of the Trust’s Learning and Development team Scott enrolled on a AM2 course to gain additional knowledge within this trade.

Back in September 2021 Scott achieved this qualification with Distinctions which wasn’t easy to gain during the covid pandemic as most of his learning was online and visiting virtual libraries


Scott is currently gaining onsite estates management experience by assisting the estate

management in various projects so that he can put his new learning skills into action.

At one of our bedded community hospitals the Estates Team have been tasked with reviewing the Electrical Low Voltage (LV) infrastructure due to its age and lack of future expansion.  Scott is activity working alongside the Trust Electrical Engineering team and throughout this project Scott has learnt the importance of meeting established project deadlines and milestones to ensure patient care is always a top priority. He has been involved in many projects and design meeting and dealing with suppliers and the end users which are the clinical teams

Customer Service:

Scott customer service skills are exemplary. He is one of the friendliest Engineers that we have, and always arrives with a smile on his face and a happy greeting for his co-workers. Although Scott is responsible for his own work, he can often be found assisting a recently hired co-worker within the team on their tasks.

Scott also has an ability to communicate effectively with all his co-workers, from the director level to our hourly paid bank workers. He has also volunteered to manage the stores ordering service for the department and liaises with other trades and estates management teams when ordering spares for our storerooms

Below are just a few of the email comments we received from our staff feedback forms for the services we provide:

“Scott attended to repair our drug fridge within 10 mins of the call being logged on the Estates and Facilities Helpdesk. His speedy attendance to us as saved us £1000’s in the covid vaccinations by moving them to alternate fridges and providing back up fridges while repairs are being carried out to the main fridge


Despite the overwelming amount of work that everyone has done during the last 2 years, Scott consistently finds ways to help other trade staff within the team. His willingness to assist others and his commitment to further education training is unequalled. He is quick to respond to requests for additional information by other team members and is thorough in ensuring all loose ends are completed.

During a routine onload generator test at a bedded hospital suite Scott was tasked to carry out this operation. Unfortunately, the main Air Circuit Breaker didn’t bring on the generator supply which left the entire hospital site with now power. The entire estates assisted Scott in bringing the mains electricity back on to the site. From the start of the investigation Scott showed great interest to why the circuit breaker didn’t switch over the supply.  Scot worked closely with our HV-LV contractors on why this black out occurred and they found it was a faulty replay in the switch gear. From this point Scott re-written the black start procedures and hand this document to the Estates Management which we approved and distributed within the engineering teams


Although Scott does not have the official designation of “supervisor or, manager” in his job title, he has proven himself to be the go-to-guy for all other training staff. He’ll also volunteer to mentor new

Starters. Not once since I’ve been at the Trust have, I heard one negative comment about him.


It is with great pleasure that I respectfully submit this nomination for Scott to be recognised for this award

Phil Budd

Head of Estates – Birmingham Community Health Care

Stephen Hinckes – Associate Director of Estates (Capital Planning)

Stephen has been working closely with our Dental services to advise and support them on fallow times needed between patients in line with the number of air changes available in the surgery. Some dental procedures are aerosol generating procedures and if the patient is asymptomatic covid positive, this will release covid particles into the air.

The fallow time allows for these particles to fall to the surrounding surfaces where they can be wiped clean before the next patient procedure. We have many community dental sites across Birmingham and Stephen went above and beyond to support each and every site. At two of the sites Stephen identified fundamental issues with the existing ventilation systems and successfully obtained capital funding to replace the plant.

He then continued to produce tender specification documents and work with the landlords and ventilation experts to successfully tender the projects, overseeing the process along the way. Because of the building designs and space available, Stephen worked with a Ventilation Authorising Engineer to create a practical design that delivered the correct air changes needed and fresh air supply to provide a safe environment, but also fit the space for the plant. At a number of the dental sites the only ventilation available was an open window.

Stephen looked at a number of options to improve the air quality in these spaces and was extremely interested in the potential of utilising UVC air cleaners to aid better air quality for staff and patients in our Dental practices, whilst also increasing the air changes within the space. Stephen researched the various products on the market and reached out to our IPC team and Microbiologist to discuss this option further.

As a result of Stephen’s extended efforts, UVC air cleaning devices are now placed in all our community dental sites and as an added bonus we are also in the process of installing them in all our inpatient wards. It is perceived that these units will support the patient environment against not only Covid 19, but also other air borne viruses that can have a major impact on patient health.