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Power Control Ltd is a leading power protection specialist and has been delivering life safety systems and clinical power solutions for almost two decades.

With extensive industry experience, Power Control knows that when it comes to providing emergency power equipment for the healthcare market it is vital for UPS systems, batteries and switchgear all adhere to very specific regulations and operating recommendations.

This is especially important for applications such as operating theatre backup power, operating lights, scanners and fail safe redundancy. The company's commitment to this sector and long experience delivering medical UPS power solutions means that it has unparalleled knowledge of the operational intricacies and challenges presented by this sector.

Power Control's  experience extends far beyond just supporting the IT infrastructure, we protect clinical laboratory equipment, mobile apparatus such as diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring systems, complete operating theatres and emergency rooms, diagnostic devices and digital imaging systems. All of these rely on a continuous power source to avoid malfunctions, system errors and prevention of costly or life threatening downtime.

Trusted by leading healthcare authorities across the UK, we have completed over 100 three-phase UPS installs for Siemens Healthcare, carried out several £millions worth of UPS work for other groups supplying UPS solutions for over half the operating theatres in the country.

    • Regulations Power Control complies with:

      • HTM (Health and Safety Memorandum)
      • BS7671 (British Standard)
      • BS6290-4 (British Standard)
      • IEC60601 (International Electrotechnical Commission)

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions for the healthcare market.

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