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Category: Infection Control, Procurement, Sterile Services, Training, Water & Infection Control

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AVM Services are decontamination specialists operating commercially within the Estates and Facilities department of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Our expertise covers:


Our training courses cover a range of decontamination equipment including washer disinfectors, porous load sterilisers, endoscope washer disinfectors, laboratory disinfectors, endoscope drying cabinets and roles including sterile services staff, engineers, managers and authorised persons.


Expert collaboration for strategic, operational and investigative projects as well as supply of short or long-term authorised person (decontamination) cover and JAG audits.


Specialist compliance and validation services on decontamination medical equipment for the healthcare sector. Weekly, quarterly and annual validations including steam/water quality testing and microbiological tests.


AVM work with authorising engineers (decon) to provide quarterly and annual audits on equipment, in-depth reports including trend analysis, help and advice on corrective measures and audit of microbiological tests.


AVM Services provide detailed, site-specific maintenance schedules, procedures and training for long-term operations and safe working conditions.

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