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BeaconMedæs is the world's leading supplier of medical gas pipeline equipment (MGPS) and architectural products, including medical air plant, medical vacuum plant, AGS, manifolds, pipeline components, pendants and bedhead trunking to HTM02-01 standards.

Our installation team offer unrivalled expertise with our products with a proven track record of delivering projects on time. Following installation, we can provide preventative maintenance contracts and emergency repair services.

Medical gas service and support is central to everything we offer our customers. We offer full mainland coverage and emergency 24 hour call-out.

Whatever services you require your medical gas system is safe in our hands. 

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MyMedGas by BeaconMedaes allows you to manage your Medical Gas Pipeline System. Starting from compliance, assets tracing, equipment history and finishing with competence development and 24/7 support. Our easy to use digital platform includes different key modules, these are: inventory asset management, monitoring of equipment, maintenance history, report and compliance status. BeaconMedaes, the national wide service organization, combined with MyMedGas is the solution to get your Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) under control and fundamental to ensure support for your patients.

Dryer- dMED
The new dMED Purification Module is a fully duplexed purification module for converting compressed air into high quality medical breathing air that surpasses European Pharmacopeia standards. The new dMED air purification module has a vastly reduced footprint and weight reduction due to enhanced product design and optimisation, new advanced medical controls to give full redundancy for safety and is also designed to give excellent serviceability characteristics. Complete with an energy efficient purge saver function and QDT activated carbon tower for hydrocarbon elimination as standard, the purification module can also be offered in a premium package with a Hopcalite Catalyst for conversion of CO to CO2.

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