Cairn Technology

Stand: A57
Category: Building Services Consultancy, Contractor, Dental Air, Estates Development, Infection Control, Interim Mobiles, Interior Design, Medical Gases, Procurement, Sterile Services, Training [more]

Telephone: 0333 015 4345

Company Profile

Cairn Technology has spent over 20 years helping hospitals to maintain healthy environments and deliver medical excellence.

We provide workplace monitoring solutions tailored to medical facilities such as Theatres, Maternity & Endoscopy. These services help hospitals ensure they comply with important inspection and maintenance requirements under COSHH, (HTM) 03-01 and other standards.

Our products include the cutting-edge Blueair HealthProtect™ air purifier range and Chemical Spill Kits and Training.


Chemical Spill Station

Workplace Exposure Monitoring Services Chart

Workplace Exposure Monitoring Info Sheet - Washrooms Decontamination Unit

Workplace Exposure Monitoring Info Sheet for Maternity

Workplace Exposure Monitoring Info Sheet for Theatres


Blueair Healthprotect from Cairn Technology
Chemical Spill Training Course
Powered Air-Purifying Respirator
Workplace Exposure
Workplace monitoring for entonox


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