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If you could safely and cost effectively reduce or entirely remove chemicals from your sites and systems, reduce your Health and Safety requirements and mitigate against the cost of failures across your Estate you would… wouldn’t you? We are showcasing our range of process and potable water technologies this year at IHEEM. To find out how you can achieve such benefits visit our stand and we’ll be happy to run through. ENWA AOP (H2O Titanium), is a cost effective and environmentally friendly gatekeeper solution for disinfection of potable and process water using UV photolysis and hydroxyl radicals; Killing and decomposing all organic substances and water borne pollutants, with 99.99% reduction of pathogenic microorganisms. If you have any questions related to how our ENWA AOP has helped others and how Ultra-Filtration, UVC-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Side Stream Filtration and Water Treatment can be of benefit to you, please drop by during the exhibition.

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