Stand: B46

Telephone: 03330 121 626
Email: info@hasman.co.uk
Address: Unit 2 Sandon Way, Sandon Way Industrial Estate, Liverpool, L5 9YN,

Company Profile

Hasman are the UK provider of Aeroseal, a reliable duct sealing technology for leaking ductwork & HVAC systems. Providing airtight, high-performance ductwork. Aeroseal seals points of ductwork leakage internally, the process is less invasive and labour intensive than traditional methods of duct sealing by hand. Aeroseal offers substantial time saving compared with traditional sealing methods, it also saves on the cost of fitting additional access to ductwork systems. Huge improvements to airtightness are possible, the benefits of air tight HVAC systems are; potential energy savings, increased comfort, increased indoor air quality. It is possible to seal ductwork to 0% leakage with the application of Aeroseal.
Since 2017 Hasman have delivered Aeroseal to a range of projects reducing ductwork leakage in accordance with DW144 leakage rates. Projects have been successfully completed in medical facilities, clean room environments, residential care and other commercial premises to reduce ductwork leakage in accordance with design specifications. Aeroseal has allowed commissioning and sign off on projects where ductwork leakage was causing delay.

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