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Address: Sittingbourne, Kent, ME1 1UX, United Kingdom

Company Profile

neQis Independent Monitoring & Data Integrity Solutions.
As a true specialist in the area of monitoring, neQis offer solutions for healthcare monitoring in a unique way.

Our product and services portfolio comprises of;

Departmental Pressure Differential Monitoring
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Independent Monitoring – WD’s, AER’s and Sterilisers
Peracetic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide Monitoring with alarms
Steriliser Door Interlock Safety System – Single door machines

Departmental Pressure Differential Monitoring

Ensuring that both temperature and humidity are monitored and maintained too safe levels within areas such as the Sterile stores, this offers the department confidence that all items stored and transferred through the area are safe to use. NeQis IPR has proven to be very cost effective and removes the need for manual recording, which can be often forgotten within a busy department. Having the facility of automatically logging and alarming on these conditions with the ability of viewing historic trending for compliance, with email alerts and 24-hour monitoring takes this to another level of assurance.

Independent Monitoring – WD’s, AER’s and Sterilisers

Combining the advanced neQdac Data Logger & neQis-IPR software offers customers a reliable, simple and secure method of monitoring & archiving critical data.

We can fit to –

Washer Disinfectors | EWD | Sterilisers | Benchtop machines | Dryers | Packing Air Pressure | Clean Stores – Temperature Humidity | Laundry | Scope packing

Combining our wealth of experience in monitoring and backed by our Microsoft developers, neQis offer one of the most advanced systems available today.

Peracetic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide Monitoring with alarms

Would you like to minimise risk, decrease downtime and enhance staff confidence and wellbeing?

The neQis PACMon and neQis IPR allow for the continuous monitoring and logging of the areas of potential exposure to Peracetic acid. With 24-hour monitoring remote access and email alerts neQis IPR offers a simple but robust solution, using any standard web browser on any internet device; PC, mobile phone or tablet.

The system offers

Local audible and visual alarms for the areas of concern
Email alerts to ensure all staff are aware when occupied or not
Viewing of multiple locations on a single screen and simple to expand
Continuous data logging maintains secure records for recovery if required
Alarm history
7” Colour Screen for room entrance status
A major step towards a safe working environment



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