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Stand: B67

Category: Safety, Security & Protection

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Our company was founded in 1981 as a designer and manufacturer of professional electronics. Our aim was to develop a system to improve electrical safety in the operating theatres. The first insulation monitoring device MEV-3 was launched already in 1981. Our MEV-3 revealed a big problem; there were much more devices with dangerous electrical current leakages than had been expected. Since that, our MEV-insulation monitoring system has saved lives and protected valuable equipment in Finnish hospitals.

With our solutions, our aim is to improve safety and reduce and prevent damages. In addition to MEV-system, we provide reliable technology solutions such as ergonomic lightning and fire extinguishing systems.


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New Product Available

We have developed our newest, fifth generation MEV-8-insulation monitoring equipment in cooperation with hospital engineers. Our MEV-8 meets all the regulatory acts and technical standards internationally. MEV-8 is suitable for medical G2 premises but also for all other critical environments in industrial field.

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