Quirepace Ltd

Stand: C50

Telephone: 023 9260 3700
Email: sales@quirepace.co.uk
Website: https://www.quirepace.co.uk/

Company Profile

At HCEE 2022 Quirepace will be presenting the Unicar and Multicar electric track vehicle systems manufactured by Telelift Logistics. This equipment offers an innovative solution for hospital intralogistics for payloads up to 15kg and 40kg respectively.
Both systems are based around a track network that can be routed both horizontally and vertically through a building. Autonomous “cars” travel on the track network, routed from sender to receiver as required. Many cars can operate on the same track section simultaneously, so very high throughputs can be achieved. Applications in a hospital application include, for example, pathology and pharmacy bulk delivery (Unicar) and stores and general goods delivery with automated load/unload (Multicar). Unicar is already used within NHS for sample delivery between Pathology Specimen Reception and the various processing departments.
The design of the cars means that payloads can be kept horizontal, if this is required. The transport is extremely smooth, mitigating all risks of degradation to payloads through shock and jolt, and of course, there are no air transfers, noise or pressure implications as there are with traditional hospital pneumatic tube systems.
Quirepace will have Unicar equipment on display, and our technical sales team will be on hand to answer any questions.


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