SfS part of Exyte Hargreaves

Stand: B62
Category: Architects, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Building Management Systems, Building Services Consultancy, Civil & Structural Engineering, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Contractor, Engineering Services, Estates Development, Fire Prevention & Protection, Framework [more]

Telephone: 0161 764 5082
Email: info@exyte-hargreaves.net
Website: https://www.smokefiresafety.co.uk/

Company Profile

SfS is a smoke ventilation & control systems business with a difference. SfS can offer to customers design, installation, and commissioning of combined systems for basement smoke ventilation + mechanical smoke control; pressurisation smoke ventilation and control systems; site surveys and smoke dampers replacements; car park smoke and environmental systems; smoke applications ductwork, installation only; combined smoke ventilation + environmental systems; natural smoke control systems. We do it: together, with expertise, attitude, education, and ownership.


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