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Heat Pumps and the Road to Decarbonisation

– The Decarb conundrum in healthcare estates – Identify the pain points – Working with client to build and execute the optimum solution – JCI solutions for Low/medium/high temperature carbon-free solutions – End-to-end engagement to help achieve decarb goals

Augmenting Your Healthcare Logistics With Robotics & AI

Our presentation will delve into the integration of cutting-edge Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to enhance both material transport and last-mile healthcare logistics delivery within your healthcare facility. We will be offering invaluable insights into how OTSAW’s TransCar AGV and Camello AMR technologies can revolutionise healthcare logistics and empower healthcare staff to enhance patient care and… Read more »

Identification and Management of RAAC

Anjub will explore the issues currently being presented around Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, more commonly known as RAAC. He will explain what RAAC is, why it is a problem, and look at ways to manage RAAC issues: – What is RAAC? – Why is it presenting such an issue across public buildings? – Guidance on… Read more »