A Low Cost IoT Based Solution For Distributed Power Quality Monitoring in Healthcare

The susceptibility of medical equipment to electrical disturbances is typically high due to possible damage to internal, sensitive components creating the need for costly repairs and undesired downtime. Power quality issues in medical facilities is therefore a concerning factor for consequent problems that may cause especially in intensive care or operating areas.
Voltage sags are disturbances in the voltage supply characterized by a sudden reduction of the voltage magnitude followed by voltage recovery after a short period of time. They are a consequence of power system faults so they neither can be completely eliminated nor the equipment made completely immune to all of them, at least at acceptable costs.
The S. Giovanni – Addolorata (SGAH) general hospital in Roma during last summer has experienced a significant number of power disturbance events which resulted in expensive failures of electronics equipping both several technical systems and critical diagnostic equipment. A power quality investigation has been then started to identify causes and possible remedies since the
interruption of computer and diagnostic equipment were of a certain concern. In particular, the need of implementing a distributed monitoring activity of power quality indices has been evidenced. To this aim, a low-cost IoT solution has been proposed which implements smart connected devices installed on the LV distribution switchboards of the hospital power system.
The presentation aims to illustrate the complete front-end to back-end system including a smart device application, a cloud-based database, an Application Programming Interface (API), and a hardware development. Finally, some first results obtained from the technical-economical evaluations of the solution are illustrated.