A Vision for the Future of Rehabilitation

Time: 12:50 - 13:10

Date: 10/10/2018

Jenni Bronock and Richard Porter of Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA) will present the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC). The DNRC is a hybrid rehabilitation hospital that sets out to deliver excellence in care using an intensive rehabilitation philosophy. The project is ambitious, located on the former 120 hectare Stanford Hall Estate outside Loughborough. The Defence element totals 46,000 m2 and is now nearing completion. The National element, currently in Stage 3 Design, will provide 14,500 M2 mirroring the ‘D’. The two elements, although separated, will share the Estate grounds as well as some specialist treatment, research and education facilities within the Defence component.

Sponsored by the late Duke of Westminster, the DNRC will provide unsurpassed facilities for the rehabilitation of armed forces personnel, building on an established model of care that excels in achieving its objectives and out-performing the less focussed and intensive NHS services now available. A key objective is also to explore how the model of care used in the Defence facility could translate to the NHS, in the form of the co-located National rehabilitation facility.
The concentration of services, scale of operation and ambition to translate clinical protocols and technology between the Defence and National elements at DNRC is believed to be unmatched in the world.
Topics to be covered include:
• Choice of site – principle factors that determined selection
• Key Facilities constructed for the Defence Rehabilitation Centre
• Day-in-the-life of a patient in the Defence Rehabilitation Centre
• Use of landscape in the therapeutic process
• Contrasting statistical success rates of the Defence Establishment and the NHS
• Provision of Education and Research Facilities in the National Rehabilitation Centre
• Vision to spread best practice across the NHS and remove the postcode lottery.

How the above points have been incorporated into the new National Rehabilitation Centre building design proposals


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