Analytical Tools and Predictive Modeling to Guide Healthcare Strategic and Medical Planning

Analytics transforms data into a decision-making tool. Healthcare strategic planning must start with a deep dive into your patient care data to thoroughly understand unique patient populations and the shifting demographics that your Estate serves. Baseline analytics of your population focuses on utilisation rates and capacity across your facilities or campuses, as applicable. Unique methodologies and interactive tools position leaders to make informed decisions with regards to future utilisation and impacts on maximised capacity. This presentation will showcase how alternative futures may be tested that include new strategic initiatives for population health management, testing the impact of changes in service-line specific future utilisation, available facility capacities, and functional space needs.
Interactive, dynamic decision support visualisations will be presented in this session that allow leadership to test multiple variables regarding different strategic, demographic, volume, technology, operational and facility considerations. In turn, the models will quantify the impacts to human resource allocation, service line capacities and re-use of existing facilities. Enabling the analytics into the assessment of operations as part of the medical planning and design process positions facility managers and designers to understand how operational processes may be streamlined to increase capacities and target key operational metrics as part of the design process. Animated computer simulation models and predictive analytics allow the testing the future capacity limits of multiple physical planning solutions. Whole hospital or even entire campuses or regions, whether “greenfield hospitals” or refurbishment of older buildings, may be tested for future volume and operational thresholds through an analysis of scenarios associated with operational (staffing, provider coverage, hours/days of operation, etc.) and physical variables (quantity of rooms, types of spaces, flexibility of space, etc.) This presentation will show how comprehensive data + operations + technologies + facilities are being tested with quantified results that deliverer high performance healthcare environments.