Beyond BIM – The Smart Healthcare Estate

This presentation explores how future technology and methodologies can be exploited to maximise efficiencies when managing a Healthcare estate. In this presentation Tom Oulton will look to the horizon at what technological innovations will form the future of the Smart Healthcare Estate.
Alexa has only been around since the end of 2016 and now 10% of UK households use the virtual personal assistant every day. As well as finding out train times, changing music playlists and buying from websites, households are also using Alexa along with Hive to manage their domestic heating, lighting, energy and water consumption. What similar innovations lie in wait for the Smart Healthcare Estate?
The presentation will examine;
The Internet of Things (IoT) – how will a network of IoT enabled devices such as vehicles, appliances and equipment that contain electronics, software, actuators and connectivity enable these devices to connect, interact and exchange data that optimise your Smart Healthcare Estate?
How the Digital Twin (a digital replica of your Estate’s physical assets) will manage processes, people, places, systems and devices that can be used for various smart purposes. The Smart Healthcare Estate can provide both the elements and the dynamics of how an IoT device operates and lives throughout its life cycle, generating real time data to support your estate management.
Tom will also look at Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and help you separate the fact from the fiction; looking at the practical applications that are round the corner and in the coming years and decades. This section of the presentation will explore Generative Design and how its use, in concert with Big Data will support Smart Healthcare Estates to use predictive analysis to help Trusts create the hospitals and healthcare facilities of the future.