Big Data – Could Save Lives

Time: 13:10 - 13:30

Date: 10/10/2018

Healthcare facilities management is one of the most complex areas affecting Facilities Managers. Poor execution and lack of planning can result in poor and even dangerous treatment outcomes, up to and including loss of life. However, Facilities Managers who take the time to understand the top challenges in healthcare facilities management can help reduce risk and improve treatment outcomes. Let’s take a closer look at these challenges, why they occur, and how Facilities Managers can overcome them.
Unlike commercial facilities management, hospital and healthcare management is filled with unique challenges. FM Managers must ensure their buildings are in tip-top shape while maintaining the safety and security of all documentation for patients and visitors alike. Failure to maintain proper protocols for managing protected health information as we have seen in recently can result in catastrophic outcomes with in the NHS.
Centralized facility management can help healthcare Facilities Managers meet rising demands and maintain proper asset return on investment (ROI) and facility management processes. In fact, organisations that are actively using spreadsheets and outdated systems in healthcare facilities management could be in the process of settling legal disputes involving lost or inaccurate information. Migrating facilities management systems to a centralized platform can help solve these problems.
Healthcare Facility Managers need actionable ways to overcome these challenges. However, the sheer volume of responsibilities in healthcare facilities management can make meeting the demands of these burdens complicated. Fortunately, Facilities Managers should use the following best practices to overcome the top challenges:
1. Maintain patient safety.
2. Improve information security.
3. Set and adhere to a budget.
4. Track assets’ maintenance records.
5. Minimize disruption to the therapeutic environment.
6. Maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.
7. Benchmark suppliers and contractors


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