Building a Future for Healthcare

Delivered by Lorraine Whitehead, Director of Estates, Facilities and PFI at University Hospitals of North Midlands in partnership with Portakabin. In September 2018 University Hospital North Midlands NHS Trust were delighted to receive confirmation that their bid for funding to support Winter pressures had been successful. This provided a fantastic opportunity to increase the number of beds at the Royal Stoke site and ensure that all patients were able to receive high quality patient care during the Winter period, where historically the Trust had faced significant challenges associated with capacity and demand.. Conditions of the funding availability meant that the beds had to be procured, built and commissioned in less than four months. This represented an incredible challenge and the Trust turned to modular construction experts Portakabin to work with them to deliver the additional beds.
Portakabin had previously delivered a highly complex, interim ward and theatre building for specialist orthopaedic procedures at Royal Stoke. The fully fitted building housed 56 in-patient beds as well as two large, state-of-the-art clean air theatres.
The first patients moved in on 24 January and in February, Chief Executive Paula Clark cut the ribbon on a brand-new unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital, housing 64 beds in four-bedded bays over two floors.
The modular building, built off-site in the Portakabin manufacturing facility in York, was installed in less than a week and was seamlessly integrated into an existing PFI building.
The investment, funded by the Government as part of a national initiative to improve NHS winter pressures, has meant the hospital’s performance during January has been much better than the same period last year with the additional beds are helping to continue to improve the four-hour A&E performance and prevent the overcapacity experienced last winter.
The presentation will not only examine the incredible programme which was achieved to complete this building but also challenge the traditional preconceptions of exactly what Portakabin is capable of delivering.