Choosing The Ultra Clean Ventilation System at The New Karolinska Hospital

In 2011, when we designed the new Karolinska building, we didn’t know what type of surgeries would be performed in each of our operating rooms. We didn’t know what type of ceiling mounted equipment would be installed in the rooms either. What we needed was the best versatility and flexibility in every room, allowing each room to accommodate all of our needs in the future.” – says the Project Manager of New Karolinska Hospital.

How was the ventilation system designed and what are the benefits to the users and patients?
How can a room cleanliness level of ISO 5 be achieved in the entire Operating Room?

Find out more about the story of the Operating Theatres at the new Karolinska University Hospital Solna in Stockholm.

Karolinska University Hospital Solna is one of Sweden’s largest ever healthcare projects.
A world-class biomedical facility, designed to put Stockholm at the forefront of healthcare innovation.
Over a decade of evidence-based research into the positive impact of daylight, natural materials, views out and use of space on patient wellbeing, have culminated in a building that wholly focuses on recovery, while consuming half the energy of equivalent hospitals.

We will guide you through the process of choosing the ultraclean ventilation system at the New Karolinska Hospital – from just a concept idea to a New Hospital in 16 years