Connected Hospitals as Part of Digital Healthcare

The presentation will focus on the concept of creating “Connected Hospitals” within the Digital health care context. The connected hospital is a design where an intelligent, responsive environment is created to enable dealing with the pressures the Health Care industry faces. This is achieved by integrating physical spaces and devices with systems and big data, to optimise experiences, operations and ultimately patient outcomes. It is built on the opportunity provided by convergence of disparate IT and automation systems which already takes place, but taking it further to a true integration.

The concept fundamentally is based on where disparate building automation and clinical management systems are integrated to create automated workflows that can potentially enable increased efficiency, reduce operational costs, reduce energy consumption, improve safety and security, patient experience, enable better accuracy in patient identification and tracking, better mobility, records and communications.

The presentation discusses the architecture that would be required to achieve this, discussing integration of disparate building control systems (i.e. BMS, PAVA/Fire, CCTV, Access Control etc.) and their communication via an Enterprise Service Bus with the admin and clinical operation systems (i.e. Patient, Staff, Materials, Nurse call, PACS, Telemetry, portable medical devices, patient terminals etc.). It goes on to talk about the “integrative and interactive design approach” that would need to be adopted with the engagement of facilities and clinical stuff and the integrating engineering teams, to customise the use cases in view of the requirements of the hospital.
Presentation also discusses some examples of “Use Cases”, such as Asset Protection, Patient Flow, Staff Duress/Assist etc. to demonstrate what can be achieved.