CQC Inspections and the Power of PAM

A CQC Perspective on healthcare premises inspections and the Power of PAM.

The presentation will give a step by step guide for Estates and Facilities Management compliance and how to prepare for inspection by the CQC. Identifying the importance of proof of compliance, it will also identify the benefits of using PAM and other methods used to minimise non-compliance. It will also identify possible consequences and enforcement actions that can be taken by CQC / HSE.

The presentation will identify:

1) Legal responsibility, the Organisational, Professional & Management, and personal responsibility for compliance.
2) Governance around compliance.
3) What areas are likely to be assessed.
4) How CQC assessments are conducted and what will be looked at.
5) What standards will be applied.
5) How to prepare for CQC inspections.
6) Compliance Assurance, and how to minimise the risk of non-compliance.
7) The costs and consequences of non-compliance.
8) Examples of non-compliance.