Creating a Smart Hospital to Transform the Patient Experience

The overall goal of patient care while managing the hospital as cost efficiently as possible can be transformed by creating a smart, connected hospital. This involves mapping the patient journey from getting to the hospital, parking, booking in, having treatment and also the follow up aftercare. Integrating building management, energy, hospital operational systems, and even external systems such as weather and traffic onto one digital management platform can enable a smooth patient journey, whilst helping you improve patient and staff wellbeing with increased visibility of your building and systems. Data analysis on energy consumption, room utilisation and asset health and location will enable you to move from reactive to proactive management of people and infrastructure, reduce risk, save costs and allow you to keep the hospital flexible and resilient to ever changing needs. A move to a smart hospital requires a change in mindset – to think about the whole hospital holistically and not thinking about the systems in silos all the way from design and build. It also requires a cultural change – to embrace data use and the insights the analytics can bring. Once more, this does not need to affect your hospital CAPEX; systems can be funded through performance based contracts on cost savings leaving important budget investment for clinical care.