Creating Hospitals for Continuing Change

Time: 12:40 - 13:00

Date: 09/10/2018

Healthcare is changing dramatically. These changes are driven by various influencing factors in the short term and long term – increasing cost, continued shift to the outpatient setting, an aging population, increases in non-communicable diseases and chronic conditions and leaps in both diagnostic and treatment technology.
Healthcare providers are also increasingly pressured to respond appropriately to catastrophic events like hurricanes, floods, acts of war, contagious epidemics and local, regional or global pandemics.
Healthcare facilities are a fundamental core to deliver safe, high quality, sustainable and economical health services. These demands require hospitals for today and for the future to be both flexible and adaptable.
Flexibility and Adaptability has been talked about a lot, but has the question ever been answered – why should we do it this way? As an industry, we need to challenge ourselves as to how we can better build hospitals and clinics with longevity and make Flexibility and Adaptability an integral and valued component of the design process. HKS and Mott McDonald will present their futuristic thoughts on how to design and to deliver Flexible and Adaptable healthcare infrastructure. Our presentation will cover:
• The need for flexibility and adaptability
• The types of flexibility and adaptability
• The value of developing a future-casting strategy
• The technical response for both architectural and engineering
• The commercial viability in the short term and long term
We look forward to your participation and discussion on how, as an industry, we can design and deliver the right infrastructure to allow healthcare to address the challenges of our future generations.


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