Decarbonisation of an NHS Estate – From The Small to the Vast

Time: 4:55 pm - 5:15 pm

Date: 4.10.22

In response to the climate crisis, the NHS has set a target to decarbonise its estate by 2040. A key part of the decarbonisation will be achieved through the transition away from fossil fuels to all-electric heating solutions utilising efficient electric heat pumps for the existing estate. The ongoing decarbonisation of the national grid over time will continue the reduce carbon emissions associated with electricity. Coupled with this, the systematic improvement in the efficiency of fabric and engineering systems will reduce the core energy demand. However, this is a complex and lengthy process with differing solutions for different buildings and sites.


  • Gillian Brown Estates Sustainability Manager - Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust
  • Ben Barker Associate - Hoare Lea

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