Design and Construct Low-Energy Buildings Using Renewable Energy Technology, Internet of Things and Model Predictive Control Systems: Reasons, Choices and Opportunities

How can a public institution, health care provider and owner of several buildings support the design of new technologies which enhance sustainability as well as increase the comfort for the users? Mintus Bruges owns several residential care centers, nursing homes as well as a number of other public buildings. In the past years the organization has chosen to invest in low-energy buildings and sustainability. As a public institution we believe it is our obligation to set an example for others both in the public and private sector and work hard on achieving results in het 17 VN sustainable Develepmnt Goals. To fully optimize our decisions, we have spent a great deal of time and effort researching various energy saving techniques and worked closely with several engineers, universities and a diverse set of companies. By participating in various consortia experienced in research and application of design and control systems in the combined building, people and energy world, potential integrated solutions can be found that provide near optimal design strategies for various concepts. Our goal is twofold: to design and build energy saving as well as high comfort buildings and to educate others in both the private and public sector about our choices. To increase transparency in our work, we conduct a thorough evaluation after the implementation of each project to show that we have reached the best possible performance (for example through use of industry recognized energy analyzers). Focus of the lecture will be on responsibility of public building owners, cooperation with universities and companies to design as well as try-out new technologies, heat pump technology (examples and partaking in new technologies such as model predictive control) and Internet of things (various examples used in buildings to enhance comfort for users and co-workers). How building owners can participate and make a difference for inventors between getting stuck with a good idea and building the future!