Developing the Workforce of the Future

Time: 11:20 am - 11:40 am

Date: 5.10.22

The aim of the presentation is to enlighten the audience on the career development pathways available for a range of individuals working within healthcare E&FM sectors.

Career progression pathways should focus on depth (progressing through the levels from Technician, to CP, AP, AE through to E&FM roles) and breadth (the range of specialisms available to support individuals to multi-skill across a range of disciplines). We will explain that breadth is just as important as depth and how it can be a much more attractive progression pathway to those not wanting to take on ultimate management responsibility but wanting a more varied and fulfilling career within the Healthcare E&FM sectors.

The presentation will also cover the different delivery methods available to support both depth and breadth in terms of apprenticeship training (level 2 through to level 8), short courses (online, face to face and blended delivery) and compliance training. It will reflect on the limitations that some of these methods have for developing competence.

We will also remind the audience of the E&FM apprenticeship options that are available to all individuals and not just the younger generation or new entrants. All NHS trusts will be paying into the apprenticeship levy and may not be aware of the variety of programmes available to them to maximise the spend against their contributions. We will also touch of the skills gap growing within the sector and provide an overview of the apprenticeship statistics within the Health and Science sector and impress how much time and focus needs to be committing to tackling the skills gap issue.

Examples can be provided of some initiatives we are running at Eastwood Park to try and respond to the skills gap and age demographic issues we have within our E&FM workforce.


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