Efficient Predesigned Facilities

How can you deliver facilities that meet operational demands in the most efficient way, providing consistent quality, programme and cost certainty and a level of choice within a predesigned product?

Willmott Dixon is working with a full design cost and management team to address the challenges of the NHS that were previously successfully tackled in the Education sector.

The initial programme of designing new schools from scratch each time triggered a policy reaction from government that was efficiency, cost and time driven. Willmott Dixon responded by developing its Sunesis solutions – which offer a menu of predesigned school buildings to meet core needs with the opportunity to bespoke elements as appropriate.

The concept for healthcare, called Cura, responds to the NHS Five Year Forward View and the recommended transformation strategies. These are exemplified in the Vanguard Projects, namely integrated care provided in the community centred around general practice with improved local access and navigation tools for patients.

Our presentation will cover the benefits of predesigned products, the efficiencies they bring and the process of how we successfully develop them. We built on lessons learned from our involvement in the P21+ repeatable rooms exercise which demonstrated that significant time and money could be saved by offering a well researched product that meets the operational needs of the NHS. These rooms gained acceptance for the premise that you don’t have to design every room from first principles every time. We have also used the lessons learned on our school products positively and transferred them to the development of a predesigned community healthcare facility.

Flexibility is crucial so that accommodation elements can be bolted together in the way that best suits the local user.

Proven designs and a pre-selected and trusted supply chain provide an efficient product with certainty of programme and cost.