Equipment Planning and Digital Transformation for the NHS and New Hospital Programme Schemes

Time: 11:00 am - 11:20 am

Date: 5.10.22

In January 2020 the UK Government gave the green light to 40 digitally advanced hospital projects. Since then, a number of Trust’s have been preparing their Outline Business Cases to support these redevelopments. This long-term, strategic investment in the future of the NHS to ensure world-class healthcare staff have world-class facilities to deliver cutting-edge care, requires investment in the right buildings and facilities where staff and patients can utilise technology and data to deliver better, integrated care and empower people to manage their own health.
The NHSx and ATOS document sets out a Blueprint for Digital Innovation giving guidance to National Hospital Programme Scheme Directors together with detailed design principles. This is based on international and industry expertise, global digital exemplars and best practice, provides a structured approach to help guide local discussions for the adoption of technology in the new hospitals through a set of design principles.
There are two key documents that NHSX have issued: The Health Infrastructure Plan – Blueprint for Digitally enhanced hospitals: This blueprint recommends type of technologies and potential technologies for consideration – the content within a digital hospital and the design principles behind them and secondly Intelligent Hospitals – Delivering Digital Standardisation, giving guidance on how to deliver a digital hospital. With some OBC Equipment budgets running north of £35m, the interface with the digital technologies is now imperative.

The Hillingdon Hospitals working with MTS Ltd have interpreted this into a working document of assumptions and costs to support the OBC having looked at where the responsibilities might lie for the specification, procurement, installation and commissioning of all these technologies. The National Hospital Programme schemes which include advice on “Delivering Digital Standardisation” has an 89 point checklist which have been addressed and the implication to both cultural readiness; the cost of these technologies; and the responsibility have been addressed.


  • Jon Reeve Digital Redevelopment Programme Lead - The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Ruth Strickland Chief Operating Officer - MTS Health Ltd

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