Estates Quality Improvement Through Compliance

Over recent years the South Eastern Trust Estates department have successfully rolled out a novel Multi Compliance Initiative across the Trust which has resulted in demonstrable Quality Improvement across multiple areas.

Originally implemented in response to the 2012 Troop Report and to deal with Water Safety Compliance, the Zetasafe™ program is now customised and used to provide compliance assurance of some 13000 critical assets and 40000 statutory tasks across 21 x compliance schemes per month covering multiple building & engineering services.

Compliance statistics and KPI’s are generated on a monthly basis to provide assurance to corporate control committees and responsible executives that minimum standards are consistently being met with a shared focus on safe & effective care and on the best possible outcome for patient/client/user regardless of location.

As a result of savings targets and regional public procurement policy there is an added requirement for estates/FM professionals to enforce and ensure accountability of service/contract providers and staff. Since making adoption of Zetasafe™ compliance a mandatory requirement in >250 Trust maintenance contracts, the trust estates team are able to effectively performance manage and take swift action before service delivery problems escalate. The same applies to streamlined asset management where there has been a demonstrable financial and environmental benefit in targeting response repairs in an efficient manner before problems escalate and develop.

The initiative has been commended by subsequent external and regulatory auditors including the lead auditor for the recent ISO 14001 2015 standard who described it as best practice Quality Improvement in action.