From Victorian Workhouse to 21st Century Health Hub – Harnessing Commercial Value to Redevelop Brighton General Hospital

The NHS Estate after major improvements, is now in an era of reduced public expenditure and has to match increasing service provision alongside managing its estate effectively. The estate backlog is now close to £5bn and significant and high risk backlog is not only a statutory challenge but one that reduces both operational estate and service delivery. Against this background several policy options have emerged, the growth of hospital “chains” Vanguards, Accountable Care Organisations and the STP process leading to more integrated planning. All will help a long term integrated NHS.

The aim is to drive revenue affordable estates projects, which means new alternative approaches into making sustainable health solutions.

This presentation will cover -:
• Looking at the Sussex Community NHS FT plan for redeveloping the Brighton General Hospital site (originally a workhouse that became a 500 bed hospital but now houses a range of outpatient services and back office functions), with 3 Trusts and multiple stakeholder occupants considering how we make such projects significantly closer to self-financing
• Working with One Public Estate, enhancing shared service provision to balance public need, health and social care with constraints of capital and reducing revenue.
• Dealing with conflicts that emerge in public policy
• Considering the balance of disposal and re-use
• The NHS needs to move to “pressing” the value of current assets and enhance commercial property approaches
• This includes looking at the options for converting/ extending facilities, managing residential sales, FM benchmarked operation, focussing on long term income value to set sustainable investment performance principles
• How we achieve change in staff behaviour moving to operating services & estates to be flexible for the future
• Use of DQI and other tools to appraise projects, improve patient experience making buildings revenue efficient.

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