Future Operating Theatre

Is it possible to design and build an Operating Theatre that any type of clinical procedure or treatment can be carried out within?
Can the life-cycle of the Operating Theatre be prolonged and can it adapt to new procedures without the need for construction works and expensive down-time?
Can the Operating Theatre be comfortable for every member of the medical team and designed in a way to take into account the needs of all the users?

An international alliance of suppliers, consultants, scientists and end users have come together to build operating theatre of the future that can be ready for future medical challenges and future proof lifecycle costs.
In 2020, two rooms are being designed and built with the goal to use the best available technology as an extension of an existing hospital.

The stages of the project will be: design and the construction of the operating theatre of the future, validation of the designed parameters, the creation of a demonstration operating theatre, validation of the OPEX. The end result will be measured and evaluated by end users, clinical staff, medical management and technical managers and owners.

The concept of the project will be presented by Maciej Matłok, a surgeon who has both medical and engineering experience. He will also talk about the values that stand behind the Future Operating Theatre concept and an experience of being the project member contributor.