Health Planning for Perfection in The Real World

Development of healthcare facilities has never been more important than it is right now for UHL. We are about to embark on a large scale,
complex reconfiguration of our clinical services to improve the quality of care our patients deserve and dispose of aged premises.
This involves a range of construction projects across 2 acute sites some new build and some within retained estate.

Retained estate can be a challenging environment constrained by size and fraught with the unexpected!
How do we interpret the clinical brief, realise the benefits of improved patient flows, meet National Standards, and remain within an affordable budget within the confines of existing buildings?
Who leads who – the clinician, the Project Manager or the architect?
Design versus Reality or Reality versus design?

Nicky and Debra describe their experiences of managing the expectations of a myriad of stakeholders in a number of projects delivered to date, who all believe they are the most important element of the process when developing schemes and how, going forwards, this will be managed during the impending Reconfiguration Programme.