Healthcare Estate 2030

Time: 11:15 - 11:35

Date: 10/10/2018

Imagine a face to face interaction with your doctor, which doesn’t take place, because you receive a message from your doctor with a series of actions for you to take, from diet, exercise to medicine treatment.

Imagine having a need to have surgery, where you and your family are collected from home and taken to the hospital. You and your family are accommodated at the hospital overnight and following surgery you, and your family are taken home, with a personalised care package.

Are these scenarios, three, five or ten years away?

Are they a vision of a privatised healthcare system or is this the future of the NHS?

In this transition of healthcare into the third era of health, a personalised, technology enabled era in which our communities engagement and contribution to health will be equally as important to the treatment and support provided by healthcare professionals, the need for healthcare estate to be very different to current solutions will require collaboration and imagination from all areas of the estate profession. From funders, procurers, architects, engineers, operators and consumers, a new approach will be required to both deliver suitable infrastructure, but equally ensure that it is effectively utilised.

We, like may, are wrestling with these issues and the presentation will provide an insight into both some of our evolving solutions for clients across the globe as well as the thoughts and ideas, coming out of our Thought Leadership programmes in which we are describing our Vision of Healthcare – A Little Collection of Big Ideas.

Our focus, as technology driven design firm is in exploring the interface of digital and physical design and how these can merge to respond to the challenging issues presented to us in the third era of health.


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