Helping to Create Sustainable Healthcare Accommodation

Time: 2:50 pm - 3:10 pm

Date: 5.10.22

The objective of the presentation is to inform Healthcare providers of how they can create Sustainable Healthcare Accommodation through the design and build process, utilising modern methods of construction (MMC) for net-zero carbon (NZC) ready buildings.

The presentation details how new healthcare accommodation can achieve NZC, aligned to meet the 2028 NHS government target. In the long term, a broader approach for net-zero whole life carbon will cover all of the emissions associated with the construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition of a building. The methodology provided ensures the embodied emissions associated with products and construction will be measured, reduced, and offset to achieve NZC.

Regarding operational energy, the energy used by the building in operation should be reduced and where possible, any demand is met through renewable energy. Any remaining emissions from operational energy use should be offset to achieve NZC.

A principal step to achieving NZC is Passivhaus – the principles relate well back to MMC due to the ease of incorporating the additional insulation and the naturally higher airtightness of an MMC construction.

Passivhaus buildings achieve a 75% reduction in space heating requirements, compared to standard practice for UK new build (traditional builds). The Passivhaus standard, therefore, gives a robust method to help the industry achieve the 80% carbon reductions that are set as a legislative target for the UK Government.

The overall construction process using MMC provides greater energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional construction, for example, Low U values and exceptional airtightness lead to minimising heat loss.

Currently, operating carbon energy isn’t clean which powers the building, so it is imperative to provide the right materials maximising the embodied carbon. As the government targets come into play, it will be more cost-effective to act now rather than retrospectively.


  • David Moss Managing Director - AGH Solutions (Airedale General Hospital)
  • Jim Pierce Development Director - Darwin Group

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