Hospital Back- Office Accommodation- How Much Of An Issue Is This?

Space Management- Control Space – Control Cost

Carter target for non clinical space= 35%
How much of this is used for back office functions?
Increasing demand for office space and…car parking
Standard of spaces in use often variable and related to age of building
Non clinical includes direct clinical support Services such as patient soft facilities services- Back Office relates to support functions,management,administration etc.
Back office space frequently colonised,make do areas and not purpose designed.
Space is generally scattered across the hospital, often in low grade accommodation.
This colonisation of space can lead to continuation of occupancy of old building stock
Low standard of accommodation but usually relatively low cost compared to commercial office rates
Hospitals often slow to embrace more agile working methods and more efficient use of space.
Better use of technology could speed up the shift to new patterns of working

How many of these type of functions need to be on site?

This presentation will address these points and summarise the use of back office space in a number of Hospital Trusts and broadly analyse these comparisons.

How much of an issue is the provision of hospital back office space will be revealed….