HTM06-01 2017 Impact on Electrical Infrastructure Design

HTM06-01 Part A & B detailed fundamental requirements when designing electrical infrastructures for Healthcare premises.

Since publication, it was identified that duplication across the Part A & Part B diluted to some degree the need for demonstrating in the design, the requirements for redundancy and resilience in electrical systems where loss of power would introduce a unacceptable risk to patients
Therefore, HTM06-01(2017) was published with the objective of placing more onus on the designer to demonstrate that a detailed risk assessment was undertaken in collaboration with the stakeholders as to the correct risk classification of the clinical area. In place of the original Category 1-5, the risk assessment covers both loss of power to the patient area and to the loss of electrical power to associated support services such as IT systems etc. The new guidance is based on Clinical Risk A-C for clinical risk with “A” requiring the highest level of resilience.

It was identified from feedback from NHS Estates, that their contribution to the design stage was often neglected and ignored in some cases. This resulted in non-compliant designs been delivered with subsequent consequences to the life cycle of the project.

Therefore, a number of key requirements have been incorporated into the new HTM06-01(2017) as follows;
1) Risk assessing and classification of clinical areas
2) Designing robust & resilience electrical infrastructure
3) Selecting Design options for Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems for Healthcare Environments and incorporating Isolation Power Supply systems
4) Setting up an Electrical Safety Group to manage risks and agree designs

The presentation shall enable Delegates to;
1) Understand the principals of the new HTM06-01 (2017)
2) Risk assess and classify grade of clinical risk
3) Identify appropriate design solutions for UPS systems
4) Understand power quality issues in selection of equipment
5) Integration of UPS/IPS solutions into existing Electrical infrastructure