Keynote Presentation: Engineering Better Care for Everyone

Evidence shows that diverse teams and organisations deliver more creative and innovative outputs. Since 2011, the Royal Academy of Engineering has been running a profession-wide programme to increase diversity and inclusion across engineering, bringing together professional engineering organisations, employers and other key partners to create a diverse and inclusive profession that can inspire, attract and retain people from different backgrounds and all parts of society. We also share best practice and develop practical tools to support employers who are committed to enhancing diversity across their organisations. We have made good progress in raising awareness of the issues, but there is much to do when we still have a UK engineering workforce that is 88% male and 92% white, especially at a time when we have a skills shortage.

Dr Sillem will look at how organisations across the engineering sector are working together to address the skills shortage and produce coherent policy advice profession-wide, and will assess the vital contribution of systems engineering to the healthcare sector.