Kitasato University Hospital Project in Japan

The new Kitasato University Hospital is located in the center of Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on the Sagamihara Campus where the university and hospital are united.
As a 100th anniversary project of the Kitasato Institute that Shibasaburo Kitasato founded, the hospital facilities were rebuilt and completed in December 2013, and opened in May 2014.
In this project, aiming at a leading hospital in Asia that sends out advanced environmental initiatives to the world, we have made it possible to achieve a balance between a high quality medical environment and the next generation eco-friendly hospital for patients and staff.
We designed a hospital with high energy efficiency, long life and resiliency as a “smart eco hospital project”.
More than 150 years ago, there is a philosophy of the “Nightingale Ward” that Nightingale had stated that it was important for the medical care environment to fully take in natural wind and light.
Considering that this philosophy can be applied to the present days, we have constructed the comfortable health care environment that Nightingale aimed at, combining long life, passive technology, the latest sensing technology and high efficiency system.