Learning from UHNM Fire Incident

• Major Incident declared, 7th June 2017, as a result of a fire in the Main PFI Building, Royal Stoke.
• Fire triggered by an arson attack – igniting of linen in a cage left on a corridor.
• Fire extinguished quickly and contained within the fire compartment, however, cold smoke egressed through building breaching compartment lines/service risers.
• Horizontal evacuation plans couldn’t be executed due to smoke infiltration.
• Resulted in evacuation of sixteen wards and theatres.
• Trust completed review, key themes included cold smoke egress, evacuation, communication, training (fire and emergency preparedness) and command/control.
• Fire service review concluded fire compartmentalisation had operated successfully, but cold smoke egress required action.
• Trust served with Fire Enforcement Notice .
• Multi-stakeholder Group established and accountable for delivering improvements, reported to Trust Board.
• Enhancements to existing fire/smoke stopping measures delivered, overseen by Project Co, in conjunction with PFI construction partners, at no cost to Trust.
• Fitting of under-door smoke seals to risers, re-sealing of compartment lines and enhancement of all building fabric penetrations with fire batts delivered.
• Extensive programme of works, required bed decant, carried out in tandem with statutory maintenance/lifecycle.
• Other activities included, improvements in fire safety training, housekeeping practices and production of local evacuation plans.
• Corporate communication campaign, led by the CEO, stressed the criticality of all staff taking seriously responsibilities/complying with Trust Policy.

• Thousands of enhancements delivered to stop the spread of smoke.
• face/face fire training compliance increased from 37% to 95%.
• Evacuation plans produced all areas
• Security (Arson) Risk Assessments completed all areas
• Significant improvements in housekeeping and prevention of storage on hospital streets.
• Maintenance Operational Board ensured all enhancements delivered in tandem with statutory maintenance/lifecycle
• Requirements of the Enforcement Notice met