Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MFT)- IoT Technologies: Using Smart Technology to Improve the Workplace and Complianc

Time: 11:35 - 11:55

Date: 10/10/2018

MFT have been responding to the recommendations following the Carter / Naylor Report, to ensure that the Trusts’ Estate meets the upcoming requirements set by Central Government.

As part of this response the Trust has connected with ‘CityVerve’, a government grant funded project in Manchester that brings together “pioneering uses of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to deliver a smarter, more connected Manchester”.

This has given the Trust access to funding and strategic partnerships, and allowed the trialling of a number of new technologies across healthcare, energy, environmental, transport and workspace themes.

To assist the Trust with maintaining compliance, and provide accurate information on areas of risk, smart water monitoring has allowed the Trust to identify areas of non-compliance, and divert resource to resolve issues with efficient use of labour.

Because the intelligence behind the sensors can report key events, the Trust is able to identify areas of risk and proactively take mitigating action to address non-compliances.

Through the CityVerve project MFT has also been monitoring utilisation of workspaces, and levels of environmental comfort within the workplace. This is also achieved with sensor technology, which is deployed within our working areas.

In monitoring the results, MFT have identified areas which are poorly utilised, and redesigned work space in line with new ways of working. This allows the Trust to use the Estate more efficiently and release property by aligning space with clinical service strategies.

Monitoring of the workspace environment has enabled the Trust to identify areas where staff are potentially working in areas of poor levels of comfort which leads to a reduction in productivity and potential illness.

By improving the workspace environment we are hoping to ensure the wellbeing of staff and provide staff with workspace areas in which they can provide excellent service to patients, and colleagues alike.


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