Modern Methods of Construction: Looking Back to See Ahead

Time: 11:40 am - 12:00 pm

Date: 4.10.22 AM

The Government has repeatedly stated its commitment to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), and more specifically a platform-based approach.

Both the Department and the New Hospital’s Programme (NHP) have echoed this philosophy, the latter expressing a commitment to “embrace a holistic approach to MMC” and “drive a platform-led kit of parts approach to achieve a step-change in productivity, cost-effectiveness, timeliness of delivery and carbon efficiencies ”

Whilst this trajectory has been clearly cast in policy, the implications and practicalities at an organizational and project level are somewhat less clear.

This presentation therefore demystifies the subject of MMC, outlining what a platform-based approach is and its potential compatibility with the healthcare sector.

We review the profile of both the historical pipeline (commissioned by NHS Trusts) and the supply market over the past decade, to provide insight regarding the scale of adaptation required.
Informed by data analysis of over 1800 projects (equating to £20bn investment), we look backwards to see ahead the potential opportunities and challenges presented by this new way of working.



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