Transforming Underutilised Space into a New Neighbourhood Hub in York

Time: 2:55 pm - 3:20 pm

Theatre: CENTRAL 5 & 6

This project demonstrates the effective healthcare planning and delivery of some of the key recommendations of the Fuller Report. .

NHS Property Services partnered with Humber North Yorkshire ICB, Nimbuscare (GP Federation), Primary Care Networks, Acute and Mental Health Trusts to reuse underutilised healthcare space and to support the creation of a neighbourhood hub.

In total, 900sqm of under-utilised space of the former mental health residential facility was transformed on a modest budget, thanks to a highly collaborative approach

The ICB led the engagement with the local primary care community, resulting in the suggestion for a shared hub which gained support from all partners.

Nimbuscare took the lead role in developing the clinical services mix working with local healthcare providers.

NHSPS took the lead on redevelopment of the site, appointing design team and construction partners.

A community café was proposed and supported the inclusion of a social prescribing element completely aligns with aspirations of partners.

The ICB supported the proposals agreeing transfer of funding to support the facility costs.

The mental health service provider have retained a presence in the facility for community services and are engaging in hub delivery.


We have estimated that the facilities will benefit many patients in the local area – potentially 22,000.

Patients will receive an enhanced range of services near to where they live.

Social prescribing and the community café is being used by a wide range of services and charities and allows local people to create support networks and potentially reduce loneliness and social isolation.

The range of services offered continues to expand and a second site development is now being considered.

Modern pleasant facilities for staff.

Capital costs significantly lower than alternatives.



  • Karina Dare Primary Care Estates Strategy Lead - NHS Property Services

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